Rows of Pillars

5 Pillars of purpose

5 Weeks either live or virtual.  The next steps on your journey defined.  Learn how to upgrade and tune up to a higher frequency.  You will learn modalities like breath work, mediation and a few other proprietary methods.  This is the spring board to your purpose. Click on image to see downloadable PDF  


NUmee ProcesS Workshop

Half or full day workshop on key strategies to stay in the highest frequency.  Learn how to reframe your story for power and light.  You are a hero, a major motion picture or best selling novel.  You will remember, learn and unlearn.  Proprietary breath modality and discovery of your truths will be unveiled. 

Shaking Hands

1 on 1

We all need a guide.  On a case by case basis this is the deepest and most intimate work there is.  In 90 days there will be no more guess work.  This is the fast deep track to your desired life.


Executive Consulting

Decisions made at the executive level make such an impact on the mission, moral, client and customer base.  It is vital to understand what areas need that extra attention.  The inner work that is done can greatly impact the culture, pulse and intention of the company. 

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MAi Experience

All retreats are not the same.  This 3 day experience allows you to connect with the answers you seek in your personal and business life.  This is done at Tony's private home in the Midwest and allows you to experience a deep connection with your higher self. Click on image to discover more


Sound Experience

Sound has the ability to heal, recharge, energize, align and relieve stress and so much more.  Tony is a master sound alchemist and performs private and group sound journeys to free your mind and open your heart.  Once you experience the benefits of sound, it will be your go to feel amazing resource. Click on image to see demo