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Updated: Apr 21, 2022

You've awakened and have started asking questions. This is exciting! The law of attraction or manifestation is an ancient topic that many have mastered and many are still finding their way. The ability to create and attract all those things you seek is quite a super power.


In my 35 years of being in a growth environment, I have come to realize that I don't know what I don't know. As I began understanding the power of the mind, body and spirit, I began to understand these laws. Is it really possible to tune into a frequency of abundance, better health and create or attract to us our desired life? The answers remains a mystery for so many, but a daily practice with results for so many others. What is fascinating about practicing the steps which I will outline later in this blog, you will begin to see things take shape. Signs start to appear and those "wow you're not going to believe what just happened" moments make your head spin! The laws will be a surprise and so out of the ordinary for you to appreciate validity of this force. If it was something so predictable, it wouldn't be as fun. The universe and the forces all around us that we cannot see, love to have fun. So enjoy the new manifesting playground!


I want to start off the "how to" portion of my message today by saying your life is NOT a dress rehearsal. What you are about to learn cannot be a part time thing. You have to have "intention" with NO "expectation." This has to become part of your daily operating procedure by activating your imagination. Just like when you were a kid wanting to be astronaut, angel, princess, Superman, rock star, CEO of a major get the idea. So the question and it is the usually the hardest part of the journey is...what do you want? As easy as this sounds, this is a tougher question than you think. Humans have been programed to focus on things they don't want. The bills, the unhappy relationship, the troubled teenager, lack of money, that health condition, family disfunction, lack of love both in relationship and self and so much more. It's sad but true and people say all the time they don't want those things. And guess what? Those things never leave!

So start by beginning to write down all the things you desire or want. The song from the Spice Girls is playing in my head as I write this. "Tell me what you want, what you really really want!" What does your heart want? Take time out and look at the areas of your life...relationship/s, career, home, environment, materials and yes YOU! What do you want for YOU? Be specific, write it down and continue to add to it as something new shows up. What do you want?


The feeling is what you need to tap into. Using your imagination, bring your attention to something you want. Bring it now to this present moment with your eyes closed and add as many details to the experience you want. For example the new car you want, imagine the color, outside, inside, the sound, new car smell and you in the drivers seat heading out to run errands. Smiling as you are driving, waving to neighbors you get the idea. Spend time in this space of feeling and connecting to the frequency of you experiencing this in the NOW moment. This connection is the "assumption" of this already taking place. Your brain does not know the difference from what is real to the feeling of what you are experiencing. The longer you stay in this state of "assumption" the more profound the sensations in your body which activates the attraction frequency. The universe is listening to your request and waiting to deliver that gifts you seek. Think happy thoughts and everything becomes doable in this state. Patience will be your great teacher doing this process and your only is goal is to feel good in "this' moment focusing your energy on those things you want in your life. Assume everything is happening right now! Let now unfold divinely at precisely the moment in time it needs to.


What ever you think about, you bring about. What ever you feel becomes real! In my 30 plus years attracting all the lessons in my life I have done my best to make sure that my thoughts were always those that brought me a sense of peace, joy, happiness, abundance and self worth. As the world continues to evolve and we are continually bombarded with the news of the day, it is the work we do behind the scenes that allows us to experience our life with a sense of grace. We have the ability to create anything our hearts desire. When I say anything, I truly mean it. I don't limit myself ever in the creation of an abundance life. The universe plays way to big and I don't want to just have enough. I want to experience it all! The most difficult part is to practice and to practice without limitations. Don't just settle for just enough. Allow the universe to show up big for you!


I have come across some powerful tools for you to get you in the manifestation frequency. Here is a QUIZ and free Gift for you! Here My wish for you is to know how you are a perfect gift. When you were born you in God's eyes you perfect. A gift for the world. Something happened along the way and your journey began. Your role now is to "remember" your truth and find gratitude for the lessons you have learned and that you are here to read this message today. Today at this moment you can begin fresh again with a new reality of how this moment and the next can turn out. You are the master navigator you just need to trust your place among the stars.

I am cheering for you and know that the best investment you can make is in "self." At the end of your time here on this earth I want a smile on your face and the "feeling" that you lived it up and enjoyed one hell of a ride!

Be bold and let your story be told!


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