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We all have our current life which is us and everything in our lives currently. It is what we know at this moment in time. The relationships, the health, the career, the moving pieces of lives.

We seek a “desired life.” A life that is more abundant in all aspects. Tony has spent his whole life in the discovery of those teachings, modalities, and activities to activate others to that desired life. The 5 Pillars of Purpose is the blueprint to connect to this higher place. What you need to add...what you need to remove...the exact actions needed to bridge that gap from what we know presently to what we seek. This is the first big step to MASTERY!!!

In this program you will learn some of the topics mentioned below and so much more! 
          Honoring your temple 
          Habitat and habits 
          Higher self-creating momentum through gratitude
          Relationships, love, professional and personal balance                        Your superhero tools
          Environmental Cleaning 
          The forgiveness frequency
          Daily regime
          Higher frequency
          Activating your mojo...and so much more...
                                Cost for access is $444.

S.T.A.R. Sequence

This is not just a course.  This is application and the answers to the many questions you seek in regards too personal and spiritual growth.  In 8 weeks meeting weekly "live" with Tony everything you need to build a solid foundation in your personal growth journey will be unveiled. To create harmony, happiness, balance, peace and abundance in our lives is the intention behind this powerful life enriching event.  

Discover some of the following:

4 Flow Frequencies

The Jian Meditation

Healing NUME Breath

#1 Silent Killer

The Power of Assumption

NUME Movement

Being a Fortune Teller

Sound Detoxing

5 Core Truths

Spice Girl Theory...and MORE!

​              Space is limited and the cost is $2112



“Tony gave me the tools I needed to live a life of true freedom. His heart-centered work changed my life. Thank you, Tony!”.

-Jennifer Bichanich

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