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How To Give Birth to a Kondor


Tony's Long-Awaited Book is Here!

Every once in a while a book and a message comes along to deeply make an impact in the lives of others. This is such a book. Join Tony as he shares very troubled times in a book that reads like a movie.  You will have to do some work before you move on the the next chapter.  His experiences are your lessons and blueprint for success! This book is a hardback and will come personalized to you or as a gift to someone else.  Order today and stay motivated!


photo_2021-12-11 10.06.19.jpeg

If you've ever wanted to have a lifetime feeling of peace and calmness, knowing that you can handle any obstacle that comes your way ... Tony can certainly help you attain that. I can't thank Tony enough for how much his knowledge and experience have helped me in my life. I would have to say his personal guidance is priceless. Thank You, Tony.

-Chris Kubiak.

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