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Tony Lucero

With Activation Expert 

Time To Connect and Activate What You Desire!

We are embarking on a whole new era in the way business gets done.  An upgrade of sorts is needed to grow beyond what is considered the "new" normal.  Many companies are restless with scaling in this new volatile economy and employee mindset.   A new voice is needed from a place of experience.  It's time to go beyond's time for ACTIVATION!  You need a catalyst, a spark to create the next big move in your business and personal life.  Your desired life is now and NOW is the best time to discover infinite possibilities ! Are you ready for the best version of YOU?   

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"Working with Tony Lucero has changed my life. I’ve learned life modalities that have transformed my limited thinking and released mental and emotional blocks that have led me into a life of freedom and pure gratitude. Eternally thankful for Tony."

-Jen Fortune

* What are those problems that keep you up at night?

* How do I get more results and productivity from our team?

* Where are the holes in my boat?

* Where are my blind spots?

* Where and when did I lose my drive?

* What are the solutions that you seek?

* How much longer can you stay afloat before its to late to recover?

There was a sequence of events that brought you to this point and there is a proven sequence of actions that once "activated," will get you back on course!



For over 3 decades Tony has worked with a variety of companies and has personally built an organization that has accomplished over 350 million in sales. Small businesses, foundations, universities, and Fortune 500 companies have used Tony to empower their organizations.  He has traveled the globe to learn different modalities that when implemented will cause instant and permanent change in every individual. 

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist for over a decade, he understands how the mind is wired for change and massive expansion if the right elements are in place.  In order to create dramatic results, you must combine different elements and “tingle” all the senses. He has discovered the sequence and is sharing it with the world. Tony is one of the most versatile speakers and enter-trainers available today.  Whether you need Tony in front of thousands of people or in a very intimate high-level round table environment, he will bring value that will guarantee results!  Time to "activate" the troops!

His mission is to educate, activate and unveil the action sequence for his clients. Inspire and engage your team by having Tony at your next event.   When the student is ready the teacher will appear and right now the students are restless! They will be chanting MOJO, MOJO, MOJO!!!




Can a FREE 30 minute Strategy Activation Session (SAS) provide some clarity?  


Knowledge is powerful.  Ready to become a master?  Perhaps an online or LIVE course is for you.


Tony's Book is finally here!  
"How to Give Birth to a Kondor"
Don't let the title fool you

"You don't know what you don't know"  

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"Working with Tony has been life-changing. Leveling up, after digging deep, honoring mind-body, and soul, leading with your heart, and incorporating mindfulness practices, he has been able to help me develop the tools necessary for personal as well as professional development and has been along for the journey right there with me, as both a master and a student."

-Evan Osborn

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