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Tony Lucero

S. T. A. R.

Speaker   Trainer   Activator   Revealer


"Tony captivates an audience like no other and it's no wonder he is nicknamed "MOJO."  He truly made our event one we still talk about.  He is our go to guy! 

Duane Jordan   CNNT Business Development

"This moment is YOURS!!"

                              Tony Lucero

  P E A K E R



For over 25 years Tony has been on stage as an enter-tainer (comedy hypnotist), speaker, professional musician, trainer, and teacher.  His passion is to deliver relatable  "positive" messages of today with a different energy than anyone before him or currently.  He is a student of life and his experience working with the likes of John C. Maxwell and other mentors have put him in a very unique space.  He is not one-dimensional, but one of the most "energetic" and versatile speakers today.  His specialty is the ability to connect deeply to his audience.   Simply, Tony is a master "enter-trainer," combining entertainment and powerful current messages.

Whether an intimate round table event or thousands in an arena, Tony delivers the unexpected to keep everyone engaged.  Combining humor, deep profound thoughts and audience participation, you can expect a message that resonates.  The ending will be something your and the participants will never forget!


There is no speaker on the road today that has more life-altering experiences which have now become his powerful platform for his talks about  activating the mind, heart and spirit.  He is a breath of fresh air and voice at a time when unity, connection, growth and intention are so very needed. 

Connect with MOJO and see how to make your next event one you'll remember always.    

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 R A I N E R

For over 3 decades Tony has worked with a variety of companies and has personally built multiple direct sales organizations that have done over 350 million in sales. Direct sales, small businesses, non profit foundations, universities, and Fortune 500 companies have used Tony to empower positivity to their organizations.  He has traveled the globe to learn different modalities that when implemented will cause instant and permanent change in every individual.  As a certified clinical hypnotherapist for over a decade, he understands how the mind is wired for change and massive expansion if the right elements are in place.  In order to create dramatic results, you must combine different elements and “tingle” all the senses. 

Tony is one of the most versatile speakers and enter-trainers available today.  Whether you need Tony in front of thousands of people or in a very intimate high-level round table environment, he will bring value that will guarantee results!  His mission is to educate, activate and unveil the “next action steps” for his clients. Inspire and engage your team by having Tony at your next event.   When the student is ready the teacher will appear and right now the students are restless!

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at

"Working with Tony has been life-changing. Leveling up, after digging deep, honoring mind-body, and soul, leading with your heart, and incorporating mindfulness practices, he has been able to help me develop the tools necessary for personal as well as professional development and has been along for the journey right there with me, as both a master and a student."  - Evan Osborn


 C T I V A T O R

"Motivation is temporary...Activation is the unlimited truth in each of us that puts on the infinite path to magnificence!  The MOJO Flow is our natural state of effortless abundance"           Tony Lucero
Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 10.01_edited.png









This training is 50 years in the development.  It is the deep dive into your personal truth, calling and higher self.  Due to the work involved this can be tailored to companies and individuals

The profound results are forever woven your DNA.  Every cell will remember and rediscover its purpose.  This is flow state at the highest and deepest level.




This is simply...Your AUTHENTIC  self!  





Core Values
Self Love

The more you know...the more you GROW

The value of have tools and resources to call upon to build strength, confidence, belief and activity is built on a solid foundation and practice.  NUME is the process, systemthe way.


photo_2021-12-06 16.59_edited.png
"Working with Tony Lucero has changed my life. I’ve learned life modalities that have transformed my limited thinking and released mental and emotional blocks that have led me into a life of freedom and pure gratitude.  Eternally thankful for Tony."  - Jen Fortune

  E V E A L E R


What you FEEL becomes REAL

There has been so much shifting in humanity.  An awakening, uprise, questioning and revealing of ourselves and the world we live in.

The new message that resonates is personal responsibility and self love.  Getting back to the basics,  simplicity, joy, fun, peace, balance and why we are here.

That discovery is the first step to mastery and the frequency of the universe.  Growth as we discover our essence.  I have traveled the world over seeking the tools, teachings, modalities and resources to assist those individuals and companies that are to explore and discover what is infinitely possible.  Now is the time.  NOW!!!

photo_2021-12-11 10.06_edited.png

If you've ever wanted to have a lifetime feeling of peace and calmness, knowing that you can handle any obstacle that comes your way ... Tony can certainly help you attain that. I can't thank Tony enough for how much his knowledge and experience have helped me in my life. I would have to say his personal guidance is priceless. Thank You, Tony. -  Chris Kubiak

  O N N E C T


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photo_2023-12-14 06.18_edited.png

 I feel truly blessed to have Tony as my Mentor and guide in this wonderful life! He always uplifts and encourages me to be my most authentic self. Tony has truly helped me become the happy, healthy, successful woman that I am! I'm so grateful to have access to such a valuable leader! He is MAGNIFICENCE!

- Shilo Eisberner

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